– when we use datagrid to add new item and edit item directly on grid.
If you don’t sort on datagrid. Everything is ok.
But when you sort on datagrid:
– Adding new Item. The position of new Item will change follow sort.
– And after that. We use another button to Save new Item or item to edit.
The data saved will wrong.Because when save click. the position change again.

We create new class extends Sort class of Flex.
Override function findItem() return the position you want.

public override function findItem(items : Array, values : Object, mode : String, returnInsertionIndex : Boolean =
false, compareFunction : Function = null) : int {
if (_enableSort) {
return super.findItem(items, values, mode, returnInsertionIndex, compareFunction);
} else if (_editedIndex != -1) {
return _editedIndex;
} else
return items.length;